About Us

Venetian style mirrors are replica of mirror popular throughout Europe from the 18th century and which came to Indonesia in 1900s during the Dutch colonial era. Because of the beauty of Venetian mirrors Dutch colonial officials often presented it them as gifts to such Indonesian dignitaries as the Sultan of Yogyakarta or the Sultan of Surakarta. Because the level of humidity is often very high in the tropics and because of the long time needed for shipment from Europe to Indonesia some of the Venetian mirror became rusty en route and some were damaged.
Nevertheless the recipients of the mirrors considered that, since these were gifts from abroad given by important officers and because of the art value of the mirrors, they should always be maintained and preserved. Their love for the Venetian mirrors provoked owners to search ways to repair damaged mirrors.
At first a demang or kampong leader asked some craftsmen and sculptors to make the repaors using traditional tools. Although they were able to repair some of the damage the could not make new mirrors because at that time chemicals needed to make a mirror were not available in Yogyakarta or Surakarta.
After realizing that their efforts were not successful the demang asked local missionaries living in Surakarta for help in obtaining the chemicals needed to make mirrors. After several year the missionaries returned home to the Netherlands and when the came back to Surakarta they taught local craftsmen how to make a mirror using modern chemicals and tools. Because of their lack of experience the craftsmen could not make mirrors perfectly nut by 1920 the techniques and skills were well enough known for Venetian mirrors to be sold to buyers in Jakarta and other big cities.
Until today Venetian style mirrors continue to be produced in Surakarta and exported to Europe, America, Australia and to other countries.
In the beginning our Venetian mirror production was at Surakarta but now, in order to better control the process of mirror making and to give the best service, we have moved our factory to Bali and this is also more convenient for our customers.
Supported by experiences experts in Venetian mirror production our company has the best design and quality. We have thousand of design from antique to classical, modern and contemporary and we have created hundreds of special and limited designs based on customer requirements. We have also made replicas of antique Venetian mirrors for museum collection in several countries,
The integration between classical design and sculpture created by our craftsmen result in an old-style Venetian mirror representing the luxury of the 1800s.
We are always very selective in the sculptors we employ in order to achieve the best quality and since all finishing is manual we are not able to produce the mirrors in large amounts, usually about 150 pieces every month in various sizes.
Finally, we present to you these replicas of Venetian mirrors by 18th century maestros which we hope you can appreciate and enjoy, made today by Balinese craftsmen.